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why choose Portugal

Of the lovely and friendly people. The beautiful country, with hills and fantastic beaches. The life under the sun (330 days of sunshine a year). Great potencial for new business. Paradise for pensioners (tax free), the best place to live after retirement, according to Forbes magazine.
Portugal has cooperation agreements in various areas of research and new business in the agrifood sector with countries such as Japan. In the "ranking" of Forbes, Portugal occupies the twentieth position in the list of the best country in a range of 145 to do business.
Portugal wants to compensate for the lack of foreign direct investment with foreign consumption by creating tax incentives to attract retirees from other countries. The measures are now being revealed in Europe and were highlighted by a Belgian newspaper, describing the country as the "Florida of Europe", a reference to the US state most sought by seniors.
The Algarve is among the 20 best places in the world to enjoy your retirement. This is the opinion of the British newspaper "The Telegraph", which compiled the ideal places to enjoy the best of life after the end of working age.

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